Well, this is different. I’m not quite used to expressing myself through written words, heck I’m not even used talking to a camera, although that does seem more familiar than this. What do I write? Where do I start? Well, firstly let’s get accustomed to one another. To avoid sounding a little narcissistic, I really don’t need to tell you my name now do I because it’s literally embedded on every page of this blog (sounds pretty narcissistic to me if I tell you). I really didn’t know what to name this blog, though I had many ideas, however, I went with my name in the end as I just couldn’t make up my mind. One of my best & worst traits; my indecisiveness. Oh there have been times where it would take me days or even weeks to make a small decision of buying a new pair of shoes. A constant battle of back and forth, “do I need these in my life?”, “I have enough shoes… but then I would wear them a lot,” “someone I can’t stand just bought the same ones,” “I don’t want to be basic.” In the end, I just end up NOT buying anything and saving my pennies- sounds like a win to me! My indecisiveness has surprisingly helped me save up, which is great in the long run, but god forbid anyone to go shopping with me or try to order off the menu- I don’t blame them for getting annoyed!

How did I start my YouTube channel?

I started my channel in 2014, when I was 21 years old. I started doing freelance makeup when I was 16 years old. I taught myself how to apply makeup on myself and my friends/ relatives, all through the help of YouTube videos, from my favourite OG youtubers such as Dulce Candy & Jaclyn Hill. My love for makeup kept growing and I enjoyed doing makeup as a side business as I carried out my studies during my A-Levels and University, studying to become a pharmacist. I was also really interested in photography & videography. I would do makeup on my friends and take photos with my dad’s DSLR, a canon 550D camera, and a small prime lens I bought as a beginner to photography. I used to also make little montages of family trips or going on holiday with my friends, and compile them together to make a creative summary of our trips, which you would now call “Vlogs”. Yup, totally invented vlogging. Eventually, I was so inspired by the youtubers that I was watching, that I decided to film my own makeup tutorial and finally took the plunge and uploaded it on my channel. My video got over 100 views overnight and I was SO ecstatic! I couldn’t believe it, and the views kept going up. People were interested! in ME! Well, my makeup. I kept posting and eventually started getting more and more subscribers. It became my side hustle and I loved it, I still do.

However, I miss my photography days & taking cool, creative shots. I wanted my own place I could share my own photos and a blog sounded just right. So it has taken me a while to finally make my blog but I am so happy with it and hope you guys will stay tuned! I have lots of amazing ideas I would love to do. Let me know what you would like to see!